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Dartmoor Mines

Called Home : The Dartmoor Tin Miner 1860-1940
by Tom Greeves, £16.00

A well illustrated account of Dartmoor tin mines and the men who worked them by an acknowledged expert on Dartmoor.

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North Devon Clay

North Devon Clay
by Michael Messenger, £14.00

North Devon’s ball clay industry flourished with the advent of rail transport. The book recounts the histories and the extraction and processing techniques of both the works at Peters Marland, which is still operating, and at Meeth.

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The Redlake Tramway & China Clay Works
by E. A. Wade, £8.00

A bold attempt to establish the china clay industry in the heart of Dartmoor. This full account also recounts the story of the works and the lives of the workers in this remote location. The Zeal Tor tramway is also described.

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Cornish Milestones
by Ian Thomson, £14.00

The development of Cornwall’s roads and turnpikes in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. As well as full details of the routes all of Cornwall’s unique collection of milestones are catalogued.

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Fayle's Tramways
by Chris Legg, £16.00

Clay Mining in Purbeck - This book tells of the many aspects of clay extraction and mining, processing and weathering, tramways, horses, locomotives and rolling stock, family connections and personalities, merchants and miners, accidents and rescues, education and the school train, shipping and the effects of war.

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Caradon & Looe
by Michael Messenger, £18.00

The Liskeard & Looe Union Canal, the Liskeard & Caradon Railway and the Liskeard & Looe Railway all served the mines and quarries of Caradon Hill.

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Inclined Planes

Inclined Planes in the South West
by Martin Bodman, £15.00

In much of the south west, inclined planes provided an essential means of transport for industry. Mines, quarries and limekilns all utilised cable-, rope- or chain-hauled planes in the period 1780-1950. Canals, too, as well as early railways, adopted them as an engineering solution.

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Stone Quarries

South West Stone Quarries
by Peter Stanier, £18.00

The South West of England has provided quality building stone for many of Britain's finest buildings over many centuries, and continues to do so. These stone quarries, large and small, make a major contribution to the character of the landscape and environment around us.

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All our books are sent post free to UK addresses

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