Mines and Miners of Cornwall

by A. K. Hamilton Jenkin

Index to personal names, compiled by Michael Messenger

Written by the late Dr A K Hamilton Jenkin and published between 1961 and 1970 in sixteen volumes, Mines and Miners of Cornwall contains a vast amount of information about Cornwall's metal mines, mainly the smaller and more obscure sites. Whilst later research has overtaken some details it remains a valuable source for mining history. An excellent index to the 3,500 or so mines mentioned was produced by the late Geoffrey Ordish and published by the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies. I have now indexed all personal names and hope this may be of use to researchers.

Can I make the point that this index is a by-product of my own personal researches into Cornish mining and industrial history and is placed on the web as a tool for research. In the majority of cases I have no further information on the persons mentioned and it was not my intention to invite queries for further research. This set of books is, I believe, now out of print but available at the Cornish Studies Library in Redruth and the Courtney Library of the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro, and no doubt elsewhere. The Cornwall Look-up Exchange may be able to help locate names.

Very little editorial judgement has been exercised and names are recorded as they appear in the books. It should be borne in mind that the same name may refer to two or more people, particularly in the dynasties of the Cornish mining families and of the gentry. I have included titles where shown but not all Captains are mine captains; there are nautical and military types also. The names mentioned are of many occupations; miners, mine captains and engineers, agents, adventurers (shareholders or investors in modern parlance), mineral lords, landowners and their agents, mineral collectors and mineralogists, farmers, and friends and forebears of the author. There are comparatively few miners and most get a mention due to death or accident.

Each entry consists of a roman numeral, which is the volume number, followed by the page number(s) in that volume. I am reasonably confident as to the accuracy of the index but would be glad of any corrections and comments.

Michael Messenger
July 2002
michael [at] twelveheads [dot] com

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The Index

There are over 900 names and probably more than 1,400 page references in the index. Click on an initial letter to take you to that part of the index.

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Abbott, George IX:9,11,25
Abbott, Mr XVI:49
Adams, J H. Rev XIV:64
Adams, John Couch XV:63
Adams, Samuel. Capt XI:48
Agar, Anna Maria. Mrs XIV:37
Agar, C B. Hon V:35, X:39
Albert Edward, Prince of Wales XV:44
Albert, Prince IV:28, IX:51
Allen, Nicholas XIV:19,71
Angerstein, Reinhold XIV:6
Angove, Abel V:16, X:12
Angove, Reginald X:6
Annear, Capt XIV:24
Antorn, Robert XIV:5
Archer, Squire XV:57
Archer, Swete Nicholas X:17
Arundell VIII:57, IX:17,40
Arundell, F W Jago. Rev XIV:65
Arundell, J XIV:5
Ashburton, Lord XV:23
Ashton, Elizabeth I:39
Austen, Joseph Thomas (see Treffry)
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Bailey, W XV:32
Baker, Thomas XVI:58
Banbury, Richard X:11
Banfield XI:53
Bant XV:16
Bargett VIII:36
Barnard, Thomas J XV:64,66,68
Baron, Frank XIII:55
Baron, William XV:63
Barrett VII:56
Barrett, James. Capt V:39
Bartley, George XVI:26
Barton, John XVI:20
Basset III:5, X:11, X:12
Basset, Francis. Sir X:6,12,17
Basset, John Pendarves III:16
Basset, Lady X:61
Bath, Harry II:12
Bath, Samuel. Capt IX:27
Bawden, Capt VI:33
Bax, Mr XIII:10
Bayley, H M XIV:61
Beater, Mr V:37
Beauchamp, Mr VI:29
Beauchamp, William VI:7
Beckford, William VI:5
Benedict Kitto XIII:30
Benhallack II:8
Bennallack, Francis X:29
Bennet, Absalom IV:34,37, X:61
Bennet, George X:11
Bennetts, C J. Dr XIII:46,48
Bennetts, William X:54, XIII:15
Berryman, R VII:8
Bevan, Morgan X:23
Bevan, Richard XIII:31
Bishop, John X:55
Blackwell, J C I:21
Blades, Joseph V:45
Blamey, Mr VIII:7
Blewett, John XI:24
Bluett XI:16
Boase, H S. Dr VIII:27, IX:11, XIV:43, XV:62
Bodilly, John III:30
Bodilly, Thomas III:31
Boger XIII:54
Bohemia, John III:17
Bolitho II:36
Bolitho, John II:45
Bolton, Duke of I:18
Bonython, James II:36
Bonython, John XVI:28
Borlase, William. Dr XIV:6, XVI:27
Boulden, T XIII:25
Boulton & Watt V:20, VI:9, X:36, XI:28,29,45
Boulton, Matthew II:19, X:20
Boxer, Mr XIV:43
Bratt, John X:56
Brendon (surgeon) XIII:18
Brenton, E H II:46
Brewer VII:56,60
Brown, John X:10
Bryant, R S. Capt I:22,43, III:28,39, IV:46,51,57, V:9,14,44,52, X:48, XI:6,10,40,
Bryant, William IX:20
Buckingham, Marquis of II:23
Buderick XV:64
Budge, John (& Co) X:55,56
Buggens, Richard X:6
Bull III:17, VI:9, XI:29,45
Bull, Edward X:55
Bull, James XIII:36
Bull, Ned V:20
Buller III:5
Buller, Benjamin X:6
Buller, James III:11, V:33
Buller, John V:31
Buller, John Francis V:16
Buller, Mr Justice XI:49
Bunt, Robert VII:47
Burcott (see Kranich)
Burgan, Capt X:64
Burgess, Edward VII:8
Burns, Capt XIV:39
Burscough, Thomas V:31
Bushell, Thomas XV:29
Busveal, John VI:7
Butler, Stephen III:7
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Call, W B XV:44
Call, William Pratt. Sir XV:45
Cann, Jack XVI:58
Cardozo, Sam jnr II:20
Carew, Mr II:25
Carew, W P XIV:50
Carlil, James IV:30
Carlyon, Thomas X:7, XIV:7, XVI:28
Carlyon. Col XIV:37
Carne, George XV:59
Carne, Joseph IV:9,15,30, V:8,13,24,37, VII:22, XVI:29
Carne, William V:7,12,33
Carnsewe, William IV:53, VII:45, IX:8, XIV:42, XV:24, XVI:20,24,45,66
Carpenter, Charles XII:16
Carpenter, Henry III:31
Carpenter, Thomas XIV:19,71
Carrington, Charlotte. Lady IV:37
Carveth II:36
Cash, John Walker XIII:35
Caunter, Fred L XII:33
Cavell, William XIV:41
Cave, Thomas Saunders X:47, XI:16,20,23,26,39,62
Chadwick, Richard VI:17,
Chaffers, Richard XIII:13
Chambers, Thomas V:31
Champion, Mr VII:57
Charles, Mr IX:47
Chippendale, Charles XVI:14
Christian, Philip XIII:15,58
Christie, W H & Sons XIII:35
Churchill, William X:7,10
Clark VI:38
Clarke, James XIII:24
Cleather, John II:36
Cleather, Prudence II:36
Clemese, Capt VIII:29
Clerke, Thomas. Sir V:32
Cleveland, Duke of I:16
Clinton, Lord III:9,22,43
Clyma VIII:11
Clymo, James XII:32
Clymo, Peter jnr. Capt XIV:18
Clymo, Peter snr. Capt XII:32
Clymo, Peter. Capt XIV:24
Coade, Edward VII:57
Cock, Benjamin X:26
Cocke, Anthony X:11
Cocking, Alexander X:20,67
Cole, J X:35
Collins, Digby XIV:54
Collins, J H XV:66
Collins, John X:7
Collins, Rev Mr X:17
Colliver, Mr XIV:14
Collom, C F. Capt XV:20
Colwell, Dr II:12, X:37
Conn & Co VI:27
Conway, William XIV:57
Cook, Benjamin. Capt XV:28
Cook, Nicholas VI:30
Cookney, J T VII:7,9
Cooper, William III:30
Coseworth, Mr VII:44
Coster V:16
Coster, John X:50
Cotty II:36
Coulson, Mr I:10
Courtenay, William. Sir VI:7
Coward, Noah II:19
Cowls, P IV:45
Crab, William XV:25
Crisp, Nicholas XIII:13
Croggon, Messrs XIII:49
Crow, Sackville. Sir XVI:20
Cunnack, Richard IV:51,57,58, XIII:12,19
Curnow, John II:36
Curtis IV:19
Curtis, John. Capt IV:40, XV:67
Curtis, Thomas IV:18
Cussens, Thomas VI:48
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Daddow, Thomas XIV:19,71
Dalley, Capt XIV:18
Dalton, Richard V:47, XIII:12
Daman, Anna Julia IX:11
Daman, Charles IX:11
Daniel, Richard II:36
Daniel, William I:17
Daniell XIV:9
Daniell, Francis XIII:17
Daniell, Ralph Allen II:8
Darke, Mr XV:57
Daubuz XIV:9
Davey, John. Capt X:26, XI:5
Davey, Jo. Capt V:12,23,33,35
Davey, Richard VII:12,18
Davey, Stephen III:23, VII:12,25, XI:7,25
Davey, Thomas VII:12
Davey, William. Capt II:9,10, IV:32, VII:12, X:43
Davies, Gideon II:26
Davy, John X:8,9
Davy, Thomas X:8
Dawe, Mr XV:62
de Dunstanville, Lord II:10,15, V:45
de Preston, Phillip Count IX:14
Derry & Co VII:45
Distin & Chafe XVI:37
Doidge, A E. Capt VI:34, XV:19
Drew, Samuel XII:5, XIV:21
Druitt, Jabez XIII:19
Dunn, James V:17, X:7
Dunn, Martin. Capt I:22
Dunstan, Capt XIV:45
Dyer, Richard X:5
Dyer, Sampson. Capt XV:67
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Ease, Mr VII:7
Eastabrook, John XIV:19,71
Edgcumbe, Mount. Earl XIII:41, XV:23
Edgcumbe, Peter XIV:5
Edmonds, Mr IX:51
Edwards, Dr VI:27
Edwards, Henry XVI:34
Edwards, Thomas X:17
Elliot, Richard XIV:19,71
Ellison, Edward IX:14
Ellis, Andrew Fenton XIII:21
Ellit, Richard XIV:19,71
Elton, Abraham. Sir III:29
Endean, James. Capt XV:63,65
English, Henry XIII:17,18
Ennor, Nicholas XV:68,75, XVI:39,40,43,48
Entwistle, Mr II:30
Enys II:36
Enys, John X:17,19,22
Enys, Samuel III:43
Epsley, Thomas XI:42
Errington, Mr XIV:56
Esquiros, Alphonse XIV:38
Eustace, Mr I:34
Evans, Capt XII:29
Evans, Jos. Capt XV:64
Evans, J. Capt XIV:12
Exeter, Bishop of VII:38
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Falmouth, Lord II:10, III:43, XIII:10,14,42,47
Faull, Mr VIII:7
Fenton, Edward. Capt VII:44
Field, Mr IV:28
Fisher, Parson X:35
Fitzmaurice, Capt XVI:34
Flight & Barr XIII:15
Floyd, Capt XV:33
Fludyer, Colonel X:49
Forbes, David XVI:45
Forbes, Mr IV:51
Fox VI:32, XV:9
Fox Williams & Co XI:37,50
Fox, A Barclay X:63
Fox, Edward X:42, XIV:9, XVI:13
Fox, George X:36,43
Fox, George Croker III:24,33, V:33, XV:11
Fox, Howard XVI:25
Fox, Joshua XIII:32
Fox, Robert X:30, XI:53, XIV:9
Fox, Robert Were V:7, VI:11, XIII:21
Francis, Henry. Capt VII:29, VIII:61,63, XI:19,27,30, XIII:48
Francis, Matthew. Capt IV:33
Francis, William. Capt I:17, VI:20, XIII:55
Frobisher, Martin XIV:56
Frosse, Ulrich VII:22, IX:20
Fuller, Thomas VII:50
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Garby, Thomas XV:35
Gard, Richard & Co XV:36
Garland, Capt II:13
Garland, Thomas V:52,59
Geake, Mr XIV:59
Gill & Rundle XIV:54, XV:57
Gill, Mr XII:48
Gimblett, Mr XIV:55
Gittins, Mr IV:37
Glanville Kempthorne & Co XVI:32
Glanville, Joseph. Capt XVI:32
Glasson, John XI:48
Gluyas, Mr IV:30
Gluyas, William XI:16,60
Glynn, Nicholas XIV:41
Glynn, Thomas X:6
Goble, Richard V:17
Godolcan (Godolphin), Wm. Sir XI:41
Godolphin, Francis. Sir IV:53, XI:41,42
Godolphin, William. Sir XIV:41
Goldsworthy, R. Capt XVI:65
Gooch, James Wyard II:10
Goodison, Mr XIII:18
Goodman, Capt XI:15,23,39
Grant, Joseph XV:38
Grant, Mr XI:39
Gray III:40
Gray, J XVI:16
Gray, Mr XIII:16
Greenwood, Capt XVI:66
Gregor, Francis XIII:47
Gregor, William. Rev V:23, XIII:21,56
Grenfell, William IV:25
Grenville, Baroness XII:10,11, XVI:36
Grew, Nehemiah XVI:27
Griffiths, John X:56
Gripe, Capt VII:13
Grose, Capt XVI:63
Grose, Matthew V:27
Grose, Samuel. Capt IV:25, V:8,13,15,23,XIII:10
Groves, A W. Dr IX:50
Grylls, Mr XVI:37
Grylls, Thomas IV:30
Gummow, John XIV:19,71
Gundry IV:27,37
Gundry, Benjamin. Capt IV:28,37,42
Gundry, James IV:30, XI:23, IV:41,61
Gundry, John Capt IX:11, XI:55
Gundry, Messrs XI:11,16,21,56
Gundry, Thomas IV:18,32
Gundry, Thomas. Capt XI:18,28
Gundry, William IV:30, IV:41,61, XI:23
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Hadden, Capt VI:17
Hall, Peter XIII:7
Hallet Sibly & Co XVI:29
Hallett, William XVI:17,29
Hals, William II:36
Halse, James XI:8
Hambly, Laurence IX:32
Hambly, W XIV:50
Hancock, Capt VIII:29
Harding, J XII:16
Harding, Lt Col VIII:6,60
Harrison, Admiral XIV:60
Harrison, J W. Capt XIV:60
Harris, Andrew III:13
Harris, Henry XIII:8
Harris, John III:11, X:55
Harris, Mr V:52, X:20
Harris, Stephen III:13, V:31
Harris, Thomas V:17
Harris, William X:17
Harry, John I:37
Hartley, Mrs V:52, X:46
Harvey & Co XIV:28
Harvey, Henry XI:56
Harvey, John X:55, XVI:58
Haweis, Mr X:10
Hawke, John XVI:26
Hawkins, C X:7
Hawkins, Christopher. Sir I:34, II:22,24,30, VII:24, VIII:40
Hawkins, John IV:18, IX:20, XI:27, XIV:7,20
Hawkins, Mr (Basset's steward) X:22
Heard, R F A XV:66
Hearle, Henry VI:48
Hendra, Richard VI:48
Hensley, W G. Capt XIII:6
Henwood, George III:45, IV:24, VIII:32, IX:24,27,49, XI:7,39, XV:41, XVI:59
Herle, Edward XV:60
Hicks, Thomas VII:27, XV:64
Hinde, Mr III:23
Hitchens, Jehu. Capt XV:56
Hitchens, Malachy. Rev V:24
Hoblyn II:36, V:14, VII:18, IX:7
Hoblyn, Edward XVI:13
Hoblyn, J VII:55
Hoblyn, Peter XIV:7
Hoblyn, Robert V:33, X:7
Hockin, Benjamin X:22
Hockin, Canon V:40
Hockin, Josiah XV:18
Hockin, Lucy. Miss V:40
Hocking & Loam VIII:5, XII:8, XIII:39, XV:40
Hocking, Benjamin X:12
Hocking, George III:7
Hocking, Henry III:19
Hocking, Simon X:15
Hodge, John XIV:19
Hodge, Messrs VIII:20
Hodge, Mr XVI:37
Hodge, Richard IV:41,61, XI:8
Hodges, Counsellor XIII:18
Hodgeson, Marmaduke XIV:6
Hogg, Thomas II:25
Holland, King of XIV:28
Holman, Alex III:19
Holman, W III:42
Holman, William VII:46
Hooper, Tregoning III:47, XIII:37
Hopkins, Evan XVI:48
Hopkinson, M J XVI:65
Hornblower X:35,36, XI:29
Hornblower, Jethro III:43
Hornblower, Jonathan III:19, IV:18
Hornblower, Joseph XIV:6
Hosken, Capt V:14
Hoskin, Mr XIV:48
Hosking, William III:11
Howell, David XIV:43
Hunt, George III:8,9,18, V:22, XIII:42
Hunt, Mary Vere XIII:13
Hunt, Miss V:32
Husband, S Teague. Miss VII:20
Huthnance, Henry V:16
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Innes, James IX:25
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
James, Henry. Capt I:13, VII:28,40, VIII:23, IX:22, XII:9, XIV:39
James, John V:17, VII:35,63, VIII:11
James, Silvanus II:8, V:7,12, X:43
Jasper, Stanley XV:59
Jenkin II:35
Jenkin, Alfred V:7,29, XII:13, XIV:23, XV:18
Jenkin, Ann V:7
Jenkin, Ishmael III:6
Jenkin, William II:8,15,22,31, III:6,8,9,11,18,20,24,27,28,29,32,33,43, IV:25,32, V:7,12,20, VI:9,11,14, IX:17, X:30,36,41,42,58 XI:16,22,29,47,56, XIII:5,8,9,15,42,43,47,54, XIV:7,21,23
Jenkyn, Reginald X:23
Jennings, G IV:21
Jerram, Bertrand. Sir XIV:47
John, Henry X:14,17
John, William III:7
Johns, William XV:66,75
Johnson Matthey & Co XVI:44
Johnson, Percival Norton VII:16,57, VIII:35, XV:14,37
Jolly, George XIV:19,71
Jones, William XIV:42
Jordan, Thomas XIII:22
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Kemp, Mr XIII:15
Kemp(e), Richard X:8,23
Kempthorne (Glanville) & Co XVI:32
Kempthorne, J B XIII:6
Kempthorne, Renatus XIII:14
Kendall, Nicholas XIV:30,36
Kendell XIII:55
Kent, Rt VI:48
Kent, William VI:48
Kevill, Mary X:43
Kevill, Thomas X:43
Kingdon, George XV:61
Kingsbury, Arthur XVI:35
Kirkham, Damaris XVI:13
Kitto(w), Richard XII:32, XVI:51
Kitto(w), Thomas XII:32
Klaproth XIII:21
Kneebone, Charles. Capt XVI:22,31,69
Kneverton, Thomas X:11
Knight, John. Capt III:11
Knight, Joseph. Capt VIII:49
Kranich, Burchard VII:22,44, IX:20,25, XIV:41,56, XVI:46
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Lane, Dr John III:5
Langdon & Pinch XV:57
Lanyon, Mr VI:23
Latora, Peter XIII:38
Lavin, Mr IX:49
Lawry VII:56
Lawrye, John I:40
Lay, H N XV:21
Lean, Capt IV:38,41, VI:32, VII:54
Lean, Joel. Capt XI:28
Lean, Samuel I:37
Lee, Mr XVI:63
Leeds, Duke of XI:36
Lemon, Charles. Sir VII:59, VIII:60, IX:25, XIII:44
Lemon, William V:17
Lemon, William. Sir II:15, XI:16, XIII:41
Lethbridge, John King XV:63,65
Lewarne, Nicholas XII:5
Ley, Edwin I:22
Littleton, W J. Capt XIV:30
Llewellyn, Brian. Major XVI:64
Longmaid & Co XVI:31
Lovell, Robert X:17
Lovell, Sam. Capt XVI:19
Lower, Mr XIV:41
Luke, Henry. Capt VIII:29, XV:55
Lyle, John. Capt VII:23, VIII:13
Lyle, Joseph. Capt VII:23, X:42, XI:39
Lyle, Samuel VIII:32
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Mackworth, Mr V:32
Magor XI:16
Major, Henry I:18
Malachi XIV:44
Malachy, Capt XV:27
Malachy, Lyle & Co VIII:37
Mare, J E XV:33
Markham VI:38
Martindale, Dr VI:34
Martin, Morley XIII:30
Martin, William. Capt IV:44
Martyn, Capt XI:10
Martyn, Thomas II:28
Maton, W G. Rev VII:22, X:31, XIII:42, XIV:8
May, William XIV:57,63
Mayne, S. Capt XV:51
McCarmick, James V:17
Meacock, James I:17
Medwin & Hall XVI:31
Merrifield, Mr IX:27
Merryfelde (Merefield), John IX:25,27
Michell II:35
Michell (of Hengar) XVI:10
Michell & Jenkin XII:37
Michell, Hercules XIII:55
Michell, John X:21
Michell, Joseph. Capt XIV:21
Michell, Michael. Capt IV:28
Michell, Paul X:11
Michell, R R IV:28,37
Michell, Stephen III:12
Michell, T. Capt I:34
Michell, William. Capt III:23, VI:15
Middleton, John. Capt VII:41,44
Mildren, Richard IV:34
Millet, John V:17
Milton, John XIV:53
Mitchell, Roger X:22
Mitchell, Samuel V:31
Mitchell, Thomas II:41
Mohun, Lord XII:6
Mohun, Mr XVI:45
Molesworth, John. Sir X:17
Moody, Charles I:10
Moore, Mr III:17
Mornington, Earl of I:22
Morris, Mr II:8
Morshead, Edward. Rev XV:19
Morshead, John. Sir XIV:7
Moulsery, William. Mrs II:45
Moult, Francis & Co IX:20, XIII:40
Mount, William XVI:14
Moyle, Matthew VIII:45
Moyle, Samuel VII:16
Mudge, William V:9, XIII:53
Murdock, William II:19, III:9,18
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Nancarrow, John XI:42,63
Nancarrow, Mr VII:7
Nance, James. Capt XII:17,26
Nankivel II:36
Neal, James XV:22
Nettle, Edward XV:37
Newcomen, Thomas XI:14, XIV:6
Newton, Henry X:15
Nicholas, Athanasius III:7
Nicholls, Richard VI:30
Nicholls, Williams & Co XV:36
Noall, Henry I:37,38
Noel, Mr V:14
Norden, John X:5
Northey, Robert. Capt I:16
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Oates, John. Capt II:17
Oates, Joseph IX:25
Oatey & Son IX:19
Oatey, Charles I:35
Odgers, Joseph. Capt IX:20
Offord, John. Capt XIV:37,72
Offord, Messrs XV:55
Oliver, T H. Capt XVI:33
Ordish, Geoffrey XIII:56
Osborne, P G XV:39
Otes, John IV:53
Oxley, George IX:15
Oxnam XI:16
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Painter, Hy VI:48
Parker XV:64
Parkin & Peters XVI:10
Parkin, John XIV:19
Parkin, Mr XIV:53
Parkyn, T XIV:13
Parnall, Roger XVI:65
Pascoe Grenfell IX:17
Pascoe, Edward. Capt XII:15,27
Pascoe, Henry. Capt IV:24
Pascoe, Jack. Capt X:47
Pascoe, W A XII:15,19,25,29
Passmore, William XIII:8
Paull, Clarence XVI:64
Paull, Thomas V:17
Paull, William. Capt X:63
Pawley, Christian. Mrs I:40
Paynter, J B. Rev V:48
Pearce, Mr I:29,
Pearce, Richard VI:34
Pearse, George XV:63
Pearse, John XV:25
Pearse, William XV:63
Peel, Robert. Sir X:45
Peirse, Mr IV:54
Pendarves, Mr X:44,57
Pender, Anna Maria XIII:28
Pender, Mr XIII:30
Pendray X:62
Pendray, Richard XIV:19
Penna, James VII:24
Penneck, Rev Mr XI:24
Penpraze, William XVI:23
Penrose IV:53
Penrose, Edward IV:55
Penrose, John XI:36
Penrose, Mr XIV:42
Penrose, Paul II:8, X:43
Penrose, Richard XI:42
Penrose, Thomas IV:53
Percivall, Samuel X:6
Percy T B VIII:7
Perkes, S XVI:44
Perry, Dick. Capt I:35
Peter, Mr VII:9
Peters, Mr XIII:26
Phillips & Darlington XIII:37
Phillips, Capt XIV:7
Phillips, James. Capt II:8, III:41
Phillips, John X:61
Phillips, Richard III:33, V:10, X:42
Phillips, S VII:23
Phillips, Squire XV:35
Phillips, William II:11,15, V:8, X:14, XIV:23
Phillpotts, Arthur. Capt VII:39
Philp, John XVI:14
Pitt, 'Governor' XII:6
Pitt, Robert XII:6
Polkinhorne, Edward X:10
Polkinhorne, Thomas IV:34
Pollard, John III:5,31
Pollard, Mr III:17, X:50
Pollard, Samuel XIII:55
Polwhele II:36
Poole, Thomas V:13
Pope, Jack XVI:26
Pope, James. Capt IV:40
Pope, John. Capt VIII:6
Porter, P E B XIV:61
Potts, Laurence Holkar. Dr VII:14
Powning, William IX:18,25
Praed, James Backwell III:11
Praed, Mr I:18
Price, W XIV:55
Prideaux, Mr XIV:57
Prideaux-Brune, Charles IX:13,16
Pridmore, E. Rev XI:58
Prockter, James Eckley XVI:36,37
Prout, John XV:63
Prout, Mr II:23
Prout, T O III:46
Pryor, Richard. Capt VII:21
Puckey, John. Capt VII:39,46, XIV:28
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Quick, William I:33
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Radnor, Earl of V:16, X:11,12
Rashleigh, Charles V:23, XIV:17
Rashleigh, Mr XIII:26
Rashleigh, Philip II:28, V:23, VII:22, VIII:32, XIII:56, XIV:7,9,13,20, XV:43
Rashleigh, Williams & Co VIII:43
Raspe, Rudolf Erich II:28,54
Reed, Capt XIV:10
Reed, Mr VI:33
Reed, Thomas VI:31, XIII:40, XIV:56
Reed, Walter VI:31, X:6,24, XIII:8
Regent, the Prince XV:26, XVI:48
Remfry, Richard III:13, X:6
Retallack, Capt VII:40
Retallick, Richard XV:37
Reynolds, Ledru Rollin VIII:14
Reynolds, William II:12
Richards, J T XV:20
Richards, John V:17
Richards, Mark. Capt XIV:31
Richards, Philip X:17
Richards, Thomas. Capt V:10
Richards, William. Capt XI:20,26, XVI:36
Richardson, C S XV:54
Richardson, Richard XIII:22
Rickard, Capt XV:30
Rickard, James XII:24
Rickard, James Rowel XVI:41
Ripper, Benjamin X:10
Rippon, Billy II:42
Robartes III:43, X:12,17
Robartes, Thomas Agar XII:7
Roberts, Joseph XIII:10
Roberts, Matthew XIII:48
Roberts, T XIII:10
Roberts, William. Capt II:42, VII:24,63
Robins, Capt VIII:53
Robins, Christopher XIII:43
Robinson, Mr IV:57
Rodda, R. Capt XIV:37,72
Rodd, Francis. Capt XV:43,48
Roger, Matthew X:9
Rogers, David V:17
Rogers, John XIV:55
Rogers, Willam VI:48
Rogers, William. Rev XV:64
Roscarrock, Charles XVI:20
Roscrow, Robert III:13
Rosewarne, Thomas X:9
Rosewarne, Walter XIV:6
Rouse, John VII:59
Rowe, Hambly V:43
Rowe, John XI:36
Rowe, Joshua XIV:21,22
Rowe, Kit. Capt XVI:10
Rowe, Robert X:11
Rowley, John XIV:6
Rowse, Nicholas XIV:19,71
Rule XV:16
Rule, James XIII:15
Rule, John. Capt X:43,61
Rule, William XVI:23
Russell, Arthur. Sir IV:19,24, V:10, VIII:57, XIII:19,40,53,56, XIV:56,57,59,64, XV:41,43,47,57,60, XVI:24,26,33,38,65
Rutter, Capt IX:10
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Salmon, H C XI:24
Sambell, Benjamin XVI:14
Sampson & Co VI:35
Sampson, Benjamin VI:28
Sanders, John XIII:13
Sanders, S A XVI:15
Sargent, Robert. Dr XIV:54
Sawle, Fox & Co XIV:10
Sawle, Joseph XIV:6
Sawle, Mary XIV:7
Schlosser, J Albert. Dr VI:29
Scott, Caroline. Miss XIII:26
Searle, Mr XIV:43
Seccombe, Samuel. Capt XV:44
Sedgwick, Prof XIII:20
Seymour, John XII:11
Sholl VII:59
Shugg, Thomas V:17
Sidney, Harry Vane XVI:57
Simcock, Thomas XIV:43
Simmons XIII:21
Simmons, Carlyon VIII:13
Simmons, Mr VIII:13
Sims, Charles XV:18
Sims, Frederick XV:18
Sims, John XV:18
Sims, Willyams & Co XV:18
Sincock, Joshua IX:39
Sivyour, Ann XV:54
Smith, Bickford X:15
Smyth, Warrington VI:22
Snell, Mr XIV:43
Sobey, William VII:35
Sowell, Joseph. Capt VI:17
Spargo, John. Capt XV:53
Sparnon, Henry III:31
Spiers & Sons XIII:16
Spoure, Edmund XV:48
Spoure, Henry XV:48
Spry, Samuel. Sir IX:7
Spry, William XVI:20
Squire, C J XIV:62
Squire, Mr XIV:38
St Aubyn, John. Sir III:29, IV:26, X:6, XI:25, XIV:55
St Germans, Earl of XIV:55
Stackhouse, John III:18, X:25,54
Stainsby, Peter VII:6
Stanley, Lord VI:21
Statton, John XV:67
Stephen, John. Capt II:24
Stephens, John X:27, XII:11
Stephens, Mr XIV:50, XV:52
Stephens, N. Capt II:19
Steward, John VII:20
Stickland, D VIII:29, XII:24
Stidston, William VI:48
Stukeley, G S. Sir XVI:65
Swaine, Sampson X:25,28
Swete, John Beaumont I:31, VI:8
Symons, R II:18
Symons, Richard VI:24, XIV:25
Symons, Robert III:41, XIV:13
Symons, Samuel XVI:26
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Talling, Richard XIV:39, XVI:34
Tamblyn, James. Capt VII:60
Tamblyn, Mr XIV:55
Taplin & Co XV:59
Taylor, C D XIII:45
Taylor, John VI:19
Taylor, John (& Sons) X:50, XI:10, XIV:11, XV:17
Taylor, Messrs IX:22
Taylor, Mr IX:51
Taylor, Thomas XVI:62
Taylor, William XVI:60
Teague X:19
Teague, J. Major XVI:32,33
Teague, Thomas. Capt X:40, XI:15,23,39
Tellam, Christopher V:17
Tellam, Jane V:17
Tellam, John V:17
Teppitt, Gavregan XIII:13
Thomas, Charles. Capt I:38, IV:11,22,33,45, V:10,54, VIII:20, IX:29,40, X:12,56,60,63, XI:9, XII:42, XIII:24,32,36
Thomas, Joseph XIV:42
Thomas, Josiah. Capt V:42,48, VIII:16, IX:24, XV:51
Thomas, Richard III:18,24,27,45, X:39,64, XIII:36,41
Thomas, William IX:8
Thomas, William Millet III:42, IV:55, XIII:16
Thompson, Adam XII:10
Thorneloe, John XIII:13
Tippett, Thomas. Capt II:20
Tolcher, Mr XIV:20
Tomson, John X:5
Tom, William. Capt IX:13,15
Tonkin VI:8, VIII:10, X:5
Tonkin, Capt VIII:7, XIV:43
Tonkin, Hugh X:6, XIII:8
Tonkin, John. Capt III:44, XIII:47
Tonkin, Thomas II:25, XIII:40, III:32
Tredinnick, Richard VIII:19
Tredynam, Robert XIV:5
Treffry, George XV:32
Treffry, Joseph Thomas VII:39,45,46,47, XIV:26
Trefusis, Samuel III:13
Tregear II:36
Tregear, John XI:17,60
Tregellas VII:59
Tregellas, John Tabois VI:15
Tregenza, John XIII:54
Trehane, John XV:35
Trelawney, Darell XVI:13
Trelawney, Jonathan VI:7, XVI:20
Trelawny XV:19
Trelawny, J. Mr XIV:41
Tremayne II:36
Tremayne, Hawkins XIV:7
Tremayne, William XI:36
Trenerry, William XIII:17
Tresidder, W VI:34
Trevelyan, John. Sir IV:30,36
Trevelyan, Willoughby John IV:36
Treven, John Watts XVI:33,35
Trevenen, Mr X:24
Trevenen, Rev Mr X:17
Trevithen, Thomas XV:35
Trevithick, Richard II:22, V:28,46, IX:20, X:43,55,56
Trevithick, Richard snr X:16
Trewbody, Catherine XIV:19,71
Trewbody, John XIV:19,71
Trewbody, Mr XIV:19
Trewbody, Samuel XIV:19,71
Treweek, Thomas XIII:54
Treweoff, John IV:7
Trickett, George XIV:57
Trounson, J H VII:27, XV:49
Truscott, J VIII:24
Tucker, Benjamin XV:26
Turton, Thomas. Sir II:35
Tyack, John V:52,59
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Uglow, Mr XVI:63
Uren, William I:31
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Valpy, Leonard Rowe VII:7
Varcoe VII:48
Varcoe, Henry IX:32
Vatcher, Mr XII:8,48
Venning, A B XV:64
Vercoe, Capt XII:7, XV:47
Verran, Capt XVI:45
Vice, Mr III:11
Victoria, Queen IV:28, IX:51
Vigurs & Co VIII:15
Vincent, Henry VI:7
Visick, Nickey XIII:38
Vivian & Son XIII:30
Vivian, Andrew. Capt II:15, X:54
Vivian, Capt II:35, XV:37
Vivian, Henry X:26
Vivian, James X:20,67
Vivian, John VI:48, X:9,20,24,26,28, XIII:22, XIV:21
Vivian, John. Capt II:40
Vivian, Johnson V:17
Vivian, Joseph XVI:19
Vivian, Joseph. Capt I:11,15,32, III:11, IV:13,26,39, VI:41, X:40,43,44,45,56,59, XI:26,
XII:48, XIII:9, XIII:17, XIV:21,30
Vivian, Lord XII:7
Vivian, Nicholas. Capt II:11, VII:26
Vivian, Simon X:26
Vivian, William. Capt X:54
Vyvyan, Carew. Sir V:36
Vyvyan, Richard IX:14
Vyvyan, Richard Rawlinson. Sir VII:50,59
Vyvyan, Richard. Sir XIII:27
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Wacklins, Mr V:32
Wallis, Christopher XI:36,41,43,53,55
Warburton, John IV:54
Warner, Richard. Rev XIV:8
Warwick, Thomas XIV:19,71
Watkins, John IV:51
Watson, J Y II:51, X:41, XII:26
Watt, James VI:8, X:20
Wayne, Gabriel III:29, XIV:19
Wearne, Richard & Co X:61
Webb, Capt VII:43
Webb, John. Capt VIII:31, IX:20, XIII:50
Wedgwood, Josiah XIII:14, XIV:7,20
Wellesley, Viscount I:28
West, John X:46
West, Udy V:31
West, William VII:38,46, IX:47, XIV:18,27,28,31,63, XV:29
Westcott, Waten XV:25
Weston, Mr XVI:46
Wetherall, Edward XVI:48
Wharncliffe, Lord XVI:57
Whitaker, Joseph X:39
White, Capt IV:28
White, George VII:47
White, Richard XIV:19,71
Whitley, Daniel XIII:47
Willcocks, J H XVI:15
Willcocks, Theophilus XVI:14
Willcocks, W H XVI:17
Williams Gregory & Co VI:27
Williams (Scorrier) III:39, XV:59, XVI:61
Williams, Edward XI:53
Williams, Henry XIV:30
Williams, John V:33, VI:8,17, XI:36,53, XIII:15, XV:9, XVI:29
Williams, Michael VI:17,21
Williams, Michael Henry VIII:13
Williams, William. Dr XI:53
Wilson IV:19
Withiel, Thomas V:30
Woodward, John. Dr I:9, V:14, VI:8, VII:17, VIII:10,37, X:11, XII:12, XIV:56, XVI:27
Wood, Matthew XIV:23
Woolf, Arthur VI:19, XIV:22
Worth, Thomas III:5, VI:48, X:6
Wymond, William XIV:68
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K |L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z | top
Yates, Mr XVI:35

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